Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I recently read Winds of War and highly recommend that you read it or re-read it if you read it years ago. The parallels are frightening. The authors creation, General Armin Von Roon provided the mindset behind the Third Reich and it was amazingly like the Islamo Fascist today. Germany always had a reason for every attack, usually placing the blame on which ever country they were attacking. Germany considered itself morally equivalent to the countries who dared to fight back or to object to their goal of global domination.

Currently followers of Islam are burning churches, flags and the Pope in effigy. A Nun has been murdered in Somalia and an Al-Queda web site promises the Muslims will "Conquer Rome" "Slit throats" and "Make their money and descendants bounty" which I take to mean enslave the descendants and take the wealth. All this because the Pope dared speak the words of an Emperor from several hundred years ago.

Hopefully the good guys in this world will get the message and unite against Islamo-fascism as we united against Hitler. If we don't get the will to fight this enemy soon be afraid, be very afraid.

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