Friday, April 01, 2011

A World Without Children

Most people are unaware that there are Enviro-Mentals out there rooting for the end of the human race. One spokesman for this point of view whose name I never bothered to remember has had a vasectomy and urges all humans to be sterilized. Do these people ever imagine what would happen if the idea they are pushing actually caught on?

I'm sure they imagine a beautiful pristine world with no people to muck it up. I don't now what a "perfect" world would be worth without anyone alive to witness and enjoy it. But what would it take to get to that point? How horrible to be one of the last expiring elderly with no younger people around to care for you in your last days? How terrible would it be to live for decades without children in the world. It would be like Narnia under the White Witch where it was always winter but never Christmas.

The world is a wonderful thing but without people it serves no purpose.

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